For factories, the work place we need concern about health hazard by dust. Collect dust in the air with powerful fan and remove it by filter. If a filter couldn't trap particulates, water shower in the device absorb them. Also cooling effect by shower is promising.

Safe and ideal work environment

MARUGOTO AIR SHOWER draws in particulates and dirty air is purified by filter and shower and then sent back into the room as clean air. Potable with wheels so that you can take it anywhere you want. MARUGOTO AIR SHOWER is widely used various places where is likely to happen air pollution.

Test result

1.Test start
After the test started, it hasn't captured dust very much and is still white.
2.2 hours later
The filter caught a lot of dirt yet you can see the screen under the filter.
3.5 hours later
The filter has full of dirt. It gets darker and even take a closer look, the screen is not visible anymore.
4. Test finish
7 hours later, the test finished. Rolling up the can see it at a glance! This is how much air is polluted by dirt.


マジックエキス外観 Specification
Type AIR-01
Size W 750 × D 530 × H 968 (mm) (except protrusion)
Weight 62kg
Power supply AC100V*Select 50Hz or 60Hz
Power consumption 50Hz 172W 60Hz


Air volume 1680㎥/h 1980㎥/h
Water consumption 55L

※Frequency is different depends on the area. Make sure that the area you want to use it applies whether
50Hz or 60 Hz.It would make a difference in power consumption or air volume.

※This is not explosion-proof. Do not use this product in place which has explosive particulates or near volatile or
flammable substance.