Fine bubbles and electrolyzed water. A powerful combination for cleaning, disinfecting, deodorizing, and more. Aqua・Fine Premium successfully puts these two technologies together for a major leap forward in power and effectiveness. Water is a well-known cleaning agent, used more and more in a variety of situations where businesses want reliable, safe cleaning. Aqua・Fine Premium is a completely new approach-a step ahead in hygiene and sanitation management.

What is Fine Bubble Electrolyzed Water?

Fine Bubble Electrolyzed Water: Features

Greater Reduction Power

Alkaline electrolyzed water and fine bubbles team up for even greater reduction power, lifting oxidized matter away from surfaces to clean tough stains.

Greater Cleaning Power

With better penetration into microscopic cracks and crevices below the surface, fine bubble electrolyzed water goes deeper than ever possible before, pulling out stains, dirt, and bacteria.

Greater Disinfecting Power

Fine bubbles drive electrolyzed water deep into the cleaning surface where normal water and detergents can't reach. That means greater disinfecting power and more reliable cleaning.

Greater Staying Power

One of the drawbacks of regular electrolyzed water is that is dissipates relatively quickly. By adding fine bubbles, we keep the effective components of electrolyzed water viable for much longer-even weeks long.


Industries that can Benefit from Fine Bubble Electrolyzed Water