Garbage is reduced by the power of biotechnology.

Driving time controlled by touch panel selection of Garbage amount and state of biotechnology materials (Excluding the compound deodorization type of 150 series).
Display for the driving status (driving mode/driving time/temperature control/error etc.)
Two different control mode:[Ordinary mode/Winter mode]

Processing Ability of biotechnology

Efficient biotechnology materials for garbage resolution, "Biotech Yunosa" are the materials made from natural living microorganism. The food resource recycling equipment MAGIC BIO KUN uses the efficiency of this “Biotech Yunosa”. It resolves the organism contained in garbage into steam and carbon dioxide, and will decrease garbage volume greatly in several hours. MAGIC BIO KUN can effectively dispose the everyday-garbage in large amount.

Easy operation, Huge amount reduced .

The garbage that thrown into the tank will be crushed into tiny pieces by the stir, then the fermentation resolution of the organic constituent will be preceded by Biotech Yunosa. The organic elements found mainly in the garbage, such as "Carbohydrate" in rice and bread, "Protein" in meats and fish, "Fibered" in vegetables are resolved altogether for the higher efficiency. At the same time, the device is designed focused on an easy handling. You can operate it easily only bychoosing the operation mode on the touch panel before driving, and it leaves only little scum for the easy daily maintenance.

MAGIC BIO KUN adopts the process that is called "Biotechnology style"

Among great numbers of garbage processor, MAGIC BIO KUN adopts the process that is called "Biotechnology style".

Classification of food resource recycling equipment
Source : "Easy understanding Food Recycling Law" - NIPPO CO., LTD

Method Outline Feature Reduction
rate *

Compost type
(Biotechnology type)

Focused on recycling food resources as fertilizers and feed, fermenting garbage with the microorganism. Keeping the tank in condition that helps activating the microorganism for fermentation. It keeps the tank temperature suitable or fermentation. Microorganism resolves the garbage while the garbage is stirred. This process will produce a special organic fertilizer that can be used for the soil improvement.
It can be classified roughly in 2 types shown as below by the fermentation process time.
1) The short time fermentation type: It takes approximately from several hours to one week
2) The long time fermentation type: It takes approximately from one to several months.
Volume reduction type
(Biotechnology type)
This type resolves the organism contained in garbage into steam and carbon dioxide, and will decrease garbage volume greatly. Garbage is resolved into steam and carbon dioxide in the tank where biotechnology materials are set. It is resolved while stirring.A great volume reduction can be expected..
・Garbage can be thrown in every day. It requires the entire change of biotechnology materials only once a year
Dry type
(Heat-processing type)
This type heats garbage and dries it

The garbage is dried by heat in short time.
This type can be classified depending on their drying method.

  • Drying garbage directly with heated wind.
  • Heating from outside of the tank with heater.
  • Heating indirectly from outside of the tank with steam.
Microwave oven type (processed along with the heated wind)
Carbonization type
(Heat-processing type)
This type carbonizes the garbage by roasting

The garbage will be resolved and carbonized by heating from outside of the carbonization room, which is oxygen free.It is often considered as an incinerator when introducing it for the purpose of waste management. Therefore, it is necessary to clear a legal restriction related to dioxin.

Methane fermentation method
It is not so-called "Kitchen garbage processor". The garbage will be fermented in the methane, and the produced methane will be collected to generate electricity. Not only the methane fermentation device, which is the core part of this machine is required but also the crushing selection lines for the preprocessing, the wastewater disposal equipments, the desulfurization devices and the power generating machines are needed and it becomes considerably large scale equipments as a whole.


At various facilities related to "Food"

It is widely used at various facilities, which handle a large amount of food, such as food factories, hospitals, restaurants, or supermarkets.

At various facilities related to

Supermarket,Convenience store,Hotel,Restaurant,School lunch factory,Food processing plant,Hospital etc.


The one even of can fermentation resolution...
Fermentention resolution

Wick, skin, husk of bread, meal, noodles, vegetables, and fruits, meat and poultry, fishes, and snacks

The one it is possible even to crush...

Large amount of rice, bread, fish-bone, chicken-bone, egg-shell, chopsticks, toothpicks, bamboo skewer, husks of bamboo shoots, onion skins, husks of corn or flowers

Not Treatable

Plastics, rubbers, plastic bags (garbage bag etc.), metals, glass, china bones, shells, papers, fibers, tea bags, chewing gums, and big bones from beef and pork


Desiccant, boiled water, volatile oil such as gasoline/kerosene/benzene/thinner, pouring liquid (fluid or oil), cosmetics, cigarette butt, medicines, chemical products and chemicals (such as detergent), spices, and a large amount of salts