The smell is an element of the environment

When garbage is processed, correspondence to "Smell" is important.

When the food entrepreneur processes garbage, the problem concerning "Smell" according to the garbage disposal is caused. The smell generated on the food manufacturing site is only doesn't become a problem as employee's starting work environment, and a big problem for the resident in the surrounding. The exhaust restriction standard is various according to each municipality concerning "Stink". Only the amount of the smell however is not reduced, and thorough posture "Do not begin" the smell is important. Garbage is able not only to be processed but also to say that thinking about the process of "Deodorization" as the part is true environmental measures only.

Deodorization equipment using platinum

When a large amount of garbage is processed, "Smell" becomes a problem. The stink measures are necessary as consider to the local resident to say nothing of the employee. How is the smell that goes out of garbage brought close to 0? "Platinum" solves the problem. Moreover, it easily maintains it.


DEO : 4 feature

1)Oxidation deodorization with platinum catalyst

The stench strong is deodorized by the oxidizing reaction of platinum.

2)It is pyrolysis at about 450℃ as for the odorous component.

The cost is comparatively decreased according to the treatment temperature of the low temperature region.

3)Easy maintenance

The dust of the collection bag is only thrown away.

4)The connection with the kitchen garbage processor of the other companies is also possible.

However, please defend the following notes.
- This device is set to the amount of the processing style of 1.1m3/min or less. An enough deodorization ability might not be brought when using it by the amount of the wind more than this.
- Please give the suck of the stench to this device to me as 40℃ or less.
- Please consult our service staff about the operation method and the connection method.