It is power of the wind and garbage discretion of not troubling person's hand in the food resource and the packaging medium.

The wrapped food waste thrown away in the supermarket and the convenience store, etc. can be turned on as it is. It instantaneously does crushing and the discretion to use the food resource and the packaging medium effectively without spending time.

Three features of GOMI-WAKERU-KUN


1)High-speed discretion: The discretion processing is completed at about three seconds after it turns it on.

When the box lunch is processed, it has a high-speed processing performance of about 500kg an hour. - When the tray for the exhaust becomes full during processing, it is necessary to take it out. - The processing time changes by the turning on thing.

2)An easy operation: It only turns it on pushing the switch.

The food waste in the wrapped state is turned on as it is. After discretion crushing, it is automatically exhausted to the tray for the food resource and the tray for the packaging medium. - It corresponds to various food wastes by adjusting the rotational speed of the crushing shuttlecock.

3)Sanitary: It is a water spritz and efficient discretion.

Meal and noodles that adhere easily internally equipped with the water spray nozzle can be easily dropped, and discretion be done efficiently. - An automatic washing by the water spritz is simple, and no one to do a complete washing to the oil dirt and the detail.

GOMI-WAKERU-KUN is able to customized according to the usage.

Each part is customizable though it processes according to the characteristic. I will correspond to a variety of food types of business. - According to circumstances, there is the one not treatable either.

Example of customizing Fish type soy sauce putting
Problem Processing by the standard issue
[Problem1]Because plastic is small,crushing is difficult.
[Problem2]A large amount of salinity contained in the soy sauce hurts the tank.
Solution Customizing to special use

[Customizing1]Shape change of braid for crushing

 The braid for crushing is made minute so that a small plastics container may crush.


[Customizing2]Making of discretion tank stainless steels

 The material is changed to the stainless steel as a rust measures.

A new specification manual in addition to a standard manual is offered.