High pressure processing, more than 1,000 pressure (approximately 100MPa), is a non-thermal process using under very high hydrostatic pressure to produce food so that there is no cooking odors. Food flavor, color and tastes are kept and high quality food can be processed in a short time.

100MPa plus high value




Smaller than compact sized refrigerator. It can be set up anywhere and almost don't need to install other equipment. Also it can be operated by water, wastewater system and electricity (except some types) for ordinary household.

●Excellent safety

Safety is enhanced by carrying out a test for water pressure, doubling of safety mechanism, safe design container, etc. over and over again. And no need to have a special license or qualification for high pressure processing.

●Easy operation

It is easy to operate because of system developed for MAGIC EXTRACT. Adopting touch panel display makes you to operate easier.

●Power saving

The pressure built up in this device is maintained mechanically. Electricity that you need while it's doing this is only for display panel and heat-retention. Minimize electrical power consumption.

Possibilities of high pressure processing

This device is sparked by Niigata prefecture community gathering research and development program "Basic technology development in high value-added food" and developed. It is confirmed that high pressure processing (under 100MPa) that our product provide breaks up protein into amino acid and make food better tasting. It is effective on some level for gram negative bacteria, such as Coli, salmonella, pseudomonas, and legionella and so on. In agricultural industry, it is also effective to promote the growth speed of seeds. This device has a great potential to carve out the future in not only food processing, also chemical industry, medicine, biotechnology industry.


High value-added high pressure food processor, High pressureprocessor
マジックエキス外観 Specification
Volume 5L processing vessel
Capacity 4L
Internal diameter φ140
Pressure 100MPa
Temperature 75℃
Weight Approx. 320kg
Power supply 200V 1.5kW