Pollution water purification system SASARA

As for the pollution causative agents such as minute particles and heavy metals that cannot be separated by the spontaneous sedimentation, SASARA is devices that do the cohesion separation at high speed by using a special stir tank (The patent has been acquired) and efficient flocculant. It achieves speed & space-saving for the environment. SASARA is a pollution water purification system of the next generation type where a new technology is achieved.

For instance, to such a field

Food manufacturing wastewater/animal manure wastewater/agricultural water/construction, engineering works, and oceanic (soil contamination) industrial waste disposal place construction wastewater/macadam wastewater/dye wastewater/paints wastewater/shipyard wastewater/plating wastewater/paper manufacture wastewater/wastewater/wastewater - Processing might separately become necessary before and behind our processor.

■Performance comparison

  Our Device Polimar PAC Advantage
Separation/velocity of deposition 1-30minutes 30-120minutes
  • - 30 times or more processing speed The miniaturization and the investment reduction in the device and equipment are possible.
Purity of water after it separates BOD、COD : 20mg/L BOD、COD : 120mg/L and more
  • Recycling of treat water
  • The adaptability to the discharge standard is high.
Density of detachable wastewater 450,000ppm 50,000ppm It is unnecessary of the dilution water.
Water cut after it coheres 50 - 65% 75 - 85% Loss in weight of industrial waste (about half of the other companies product)
Re-dissolubility It is not easy to dissolve again when almost permanent. It dissolves again.
  • The second pollution control
  • Recycling of cohesion thing